Fall is here, and as we move indoors from our summer of sun and fun, we tend to gather round the warm flicker of the fire, no wait, the television. We are a nation obsessed with TV. We would feel pretty silly trying to explain a lot of our most popular shows to someone who had never seen a TV before…. A show about people marooned on an island and the unlucky ones got to leave. Another show about who can lose the most weight (ironic since sitting in front of the TV is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain). Another show my daughter recently showed me with people who would actually allow themselves to be dragged by their feet by powerboats or rolled over in a car by a monster truck for answering a question wrong…and for pitiful small amounts of money too. Of course bad TV is nothing new. Growing up I remember another show about people marooned on an island who could build a radio out of coconuts, but couldn’t for the life of them build a raft. I digress however. Today’s infographic isn’t about what is on TV, but the televisions themselves from VoucherCodes.com.uk, an online lifestyle magazine.