The Hidden Cost Of Household Gadgets

We are a people and a planet consumed with our gadgets. While some are ludites and want less to do with technology and gadgets, most of us love our gadgets and want more of them. We also want more efficient gadgets. We are more than just being green and trying to save our planet for our children and grandchildren. We are also asking for more efficient  gadgets for plain old practical purposes, our utility bills. We now use over 13 times more electricity than we did in 1950. That’s massive! From can openers to home theatres. We want more things to more things.

There have been repeated stories on the radio, on TV, in magazines, and on the web as to how various electric devices waste electricity even when not in use. It is estimated that cable boxes consume in excess of $3 billion in electricity each year, 2/3 of which is wasted because these devices have no “sleep” function and work 24/7 whether the TV is turned on or off. Our mobile phones waste a tremendous amount of battery power always searching for the nearest towers. Multiple chargers and devices consume electricity even when nothing is plugged into them or they are not being used.

Here is an infographic from 1Bog showing what is sucking down power and what it costs us.



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