Fixing Common Social Media Blunders

None of us are perfect. Some of us (me included) are far less than perfect. We can all stand to improve how we post on social media. It doesn’t matter why many of us are not posting the right way. Some of us never learned how and have been winging it since day one. In other cases, we might be trying to post the same way to different social media platforms. Or there is that all too often issue of the constant and rapid changes in social media platforms and how consumers or businesses react to those changes. The folks at Quill put together this infographic outlining 12 mistakes many people and companies make when conducting our social media.

  1. Not setting clear objectives
  2. Buying followers
  3. Posting overly promotional content
  4. Posting irrelevant content for engagement
  5. Not researching trending topics
  6. Not using visual content
  7. Leaving social profiles incomplete
  8. Lacking a social media strategy
  9. Not responding to comments and complaints
  10. Not understanding the rules of the network
  11. Not analyzing anything
  12. Using hashtags incorrectly