Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly users. To say that number is big is still an understatement. Facebook is successful because the social media site pays attention to what its users want and why they want it. Facebook could have very easily just gone after the advertising dollars and filled all our timelines with ads from Fortune 500 companies, but they instead tip toed into advertising with an emphasis on what Facebook users want to see. How do they know what we all want to see? They of course count clicks and time on site. They also survey users as to what they like. Facebook also pays close attention to what research others choose to share as well. Such is this survey from the folks at Fractl last year of 2,000 Facebook users. Here are their finding in an infographic we wish to share with you today.

Look for example on how strong Entertain is as a reason for sharing. Are your posts entertaining as well as informative?

Do you mix up entertaining posts with promotional posts?